A Personalized DO  
is age-irrelevant

but IS shape-related

The Personalized Do

 Image Reboot

FLATTER YOUR FACIAL FEATURES WITH A FAST, FABULOUS FIX FOR A FINE FIFTY-PLUS YOU. How? With a  a style that REALLY flatters you. It can be more than an antidote for the big frump of a bad hair day. It can be your way of saying that you are NOT sitting it out on the sidelines. Think about it this way:  When you start on the outside with a flattering hair style, you can *energize* your inside and your attitude.

Now may be your time to challenge negative stereotypes and it can start at the top when you learn what is a style " right" for you.

That style, your "look" -your personalized do actually can help to dismiss ageist attitudes and outmoded stereotypes.

Personalized Do

Overheard at the Coffee Shoppe

Overheard at the coffee shoppe, two women commenting on another cafe-goer's hair. The first said,

"Look at that old lady with all that long hair. It is so unflattering at her age. She should cut all that hair off, and stop trying to look young."

To which her companion replied,

“ Oh, don't be so judgmental. Some of my best friends (even you) could look great with long hair. It's not the length. It is knowing how to pick a flattering cut and style. I know any number of men and women who look frumpy because of their Attitude.”

Time for the Great Glam-Up!

 WHO wants to be a big frump with a negative attitude? Our Silver Sage report offers an  alternative. Now is the time to reveal your GLAM-UP choices and to dismiss aging stereotypes. How? Do the research to find your up-to-date look. Locate a stylist who will work with you. And demand (old is bold) a personalized DO that brings out your best features.

This process is energizing. In fact, we are all charged up and hope you are, too about making the most of our decades. One way is to create a hair style that emphasizes your vitality and positive attitude.

Remember. . .beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A current, even trendy, and definitely flattering personalized DO can give both your face and your

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 Do you agree that the antidote for the "bad hair day" may start on the outside with a flattering hair style, but it actually can * energize* you on the inside, too... right down to your heart and soul?


GLAM UP Quiz Part 2

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