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Creative retirement planning is important. You may reach for support from others. But expect from yourself- commitment, thoughtful consideration and personal growth while creatively you  pursue a new vision of aging in an atmosphere that is stimulating and fulfilling. Add into this mix fun, and you have a good deal of the formula.Envisioning what makes sense for you and others is a practical art.

Are you  interested  in making plans for the future? You realize that your plans need to be flexible in an ever-changing environment.

THAT , in itself, is a practical art, 

for when you create a focal point, leveraging the powerful assortment of your accumulated life-experience and knowledge over-the-decades,

you can shed light on some real possibilities and a new vision of aging.


Creative Retirement    How Do YOU Picture It?

For some, the prospect of finding  HAPPINESS in a  community where people of all ages  participate in activities can be healing.

Staying close to like-minded people, exploring common interests, sharing experiences, or getting deeply involved in the community feels like "chicken soup for the soul".

aging-in-place, age in place

Feathered Nests and Amenities

When you consider lifestyle, what amenities do you seek?

Knowing how important for good health and fitness half an hour or more a day of exercise is, do you, for example, seek opportunities to get out and play tennis, walk in a natural environment, picnic by a lake, or hike to a "swimming hole" or beautiful waterfall?

When you consider UN-retirement or creative retirement do you also look for continuing education, community involvement and volunteering opportunities and entertainment?



Love being close to nature?  Creative UN- retirees might envision a future that includes kayaking, hiking, RV-ing...

or taking long walks in the woods and hills, amongst the painted leaves of autumn, beneath waterfalls, ears tuned to the music the wind plays in the forest,

an active lifestyle within a colorful gathering of family, friends and neighbors...

and then coming home to a lifelong feathered nest!

For many Post-50 People, the third phase of life (the years after retirement from the standard work environment) looks unlike the experiences of earlier generations. Today's Post-50-People  base positive futures and continuing quality of life on considering what is most important to an individual. That may include family stakeholders,  and the larger community.

Creative Retirement What is Important to You?


What choices and actions seem to fit as you consider a lifelong home- one that has been designed  for all who live there over the years - regardless of age or physical ability.  A feathered nest for aging-in-place need not be huge. Just comfortable.To that end, you probably already have incorporated any number of   Universal Design Elements -  a wise choice especially when the plan takes into account Mainfloor Living Spaces

aging-in-place, age in place


As “boomers” and older adults create a mental picture of the decades to come how might it come together?   There may be the smiling faces of those we love. There may be the sounds of laughter of grandparents, kids, and grand-kids. There may be an herb garden on the deck, or we might find an heirloom apple orchard just around the corner.  (The juice from those apples makes you want to live right in the orchard.)

A place where people can choose to live among caring neighbors, sharing their inspiration and enthusiasm, a natural neighborhood in a sustainable community might be on your list.

Or a cottage small  painted yellow and still very “green”-

By unleashing the renewable energy inherent in the land, the water, the wind and the sun, in a thoughtfully-planned neighborhood,

where green-built homes are designed with natural, non-toxic materials to be safe, healthy, and energy efficient, built to the highest green building standards- you can contribute to positive futures for you and your grandchildren.

aging-in-place, age in place

 top creative retirement priorities

aging-in-place, age in place

Creative Retirement Survey


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 Imagining 2050

  Consider how our generations can help to create positive futures for those to come. Imagine 2050. How might it look and feel?

We like the idea of active participation in The Smart Growth Organization as one way to express interest in how future communities will unfold, for example. Calling all writers and positive thinkers! This network is reaching out to the silent generation and boomer cohort- seeking innovative ideas about what future communities will look like and what these communities of tomorrow can offer residents.

When we heard about this, we were excited to share this news as a worthy conversation-starter.

creative retirement

What topics would you add to this list?

1. Safe Routes to School Guide: Engineering

2. Living Streets: Strategies for Crafting Public Space

3.Community Schools: Partnerships for Excellence

5. Prospering in Place: Linking Jobs, Development, and Transit to Spur Your Town's Economy

6. Designing Healthy Communities

7.Promoting Physical Activity and Health in Design

8.  ____________________

9.   ____________________

10. ___________________

Planning, Designing, Future Development

aging-in-place, age in place

Do you love the idea of engaging in conversation about THE FUTURE OF OUR COMMUNITIES ? Then you might be interested in  the Smart Growth Network. This organization desires a national conversation on this subject, we were delighted. As a result of this national conversation, we can expect  discussion about emerging issues that can build a depth of community planning, design and development ideas, and perspectives.

Here’s a big thumbs up to the Smart Growth Network (SGN) for exploring this and creating a conversation within a national circle. As SGN says, “… the richer the discussion [the more opportunity for] generating better ideas for communities.

What's your vision for the future of your community? You can join the Smart Growth Network (SGN) in this conversation about future planning . . .how neighborhoods could be planned, designed, and developed to meet the needs of current and future generations.. . and more.

creative retirement


When Cultural Creatives consider alternative ideas for (un)retirement - Post 50 aging with style and grace, within a new vision of aging, we could find an opportunity to open a very practical conversation... .

1.How will neighborhoods and regions be planned, designed, and developed to meet the needs of current and future generations?

2.How can practitioners and organizations best position themselves to navigate emerging trends?

3.What issues do local governments, community leaders, and advocates need to be prepared to address to ensure strong, healthy, sustainable, and livable communities?

4. How can governments, developers, investors, and others capitalize on increasing demand for communities that offer their residents choices in how they live, work, play, and travel?

ONWARD to more on this topic.

Further Discussion

Inclusive (Universal ) Design

Feathered Nests- Mainfloor Living Spaces  

Retirement Investing


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aging-in-place, age in place