Green UN-Retirement -  A Snapshot of Colorful Potential

Green UN-Retirement


A 2014 report from the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies and the AARP Foundation  says,   “While there are significant challenges ahead, the potential is there for older adults to have a higher quality of life than ever before, and for communities to be increasingly livable and vibrant as a result. But effective action will require concerted efforts at all levels of government as well as by the private and nonprofit sectors, and through the advocacy of older adults themselves.” 
You can read the full report (PDF) here.




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Green UN-Retirement

Boomers Plan Ahead-     Although the report highlights a potentially unpleasant financial outlook for those who would prefer to age-in-place, YOU are thinking creatively. Here are two (2) ideas for a GREEN  UN- RETIREMENT.

START A VILLAGE: Here is a toolkit    from The Village to Village Network which provides opportunities to national companies and organizations that support the “aging in community” mission to receive goodwill and appropriate exposure to in support of the national Village movement. The Village to Village Network currently has 220 organization members serving 25,000+ older adults across 39 states and 4 countries.



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Harvard Housing Studies

  Potential for older adults
to have a higher quality of life
than ever before.

Communities increasingly vibrant.


Have you noticed a growing demand for projects that target residents who are 55 and older?  Does "access to entertainment, amenities, and quality health care... ." appeal to you?  You are not alone. A recent report on emerging trends in real estate by The Urban Land Institute notes that, “…baby boomers [desire living accommodations] within walking distance of downtown areas."

Below find information about Emerging Trends and get a peek at the new vision of aging and what that can mean to you today and tomorrow. Many people, regardless of age or physical ability, love the idea and experience of working with and/or  simply enjoying the camaraderie of friends and neighbors -  no age limit. 

 How do you envision your future? For example, would you VOTE Yes or  No  for a community limo- transportation to appointments, grocery shopping?

Time and again, we discover "boomers" are intrigued with  a) "tiny" houses such as you see below here, and b) home automation.   If you are curious you may  set out to investigate what this was all about and be intrigued ... .

Green UN-Retirement

     Any number of "boomers" are reported to be considering the benefits of living in "smart homes" in "pocket neighborhoods" or similar walkable communities where new and/or remodeled homes focus on sustainable excellence.


Another interesting trend has to do with choosing the experience of creative-independent-collaborative  living--    aging-in-place in a feathered nest. This notion and choice  is getting lots of attention these days. What might attract you to that choice?
Green UN-Retirement

green un-retirement - CREATIVE IDEAS

Green UN-Retirement

multigenerational communities with attractive amenities

A strong buyer-preference influence is on the agenda- possibly not seen in the past

Post 50 People  have a strong influence possibly not seen in the past.

Today, we also see a trend among "boomers" to consider  active adult communities. This dwelling option may offer services such as a “community limo” – for transportation to the doctor’s and grocery shopping, to shared organic gardens, to yoga, wellness programs, hiking/walking groups, to social and educational events and outings the neighborly village promises a happy, sustainable solution to home living arrangements…. and fun.

Read this article by Dr. Charles Schewe

Green UN-Retirement

When it comes to an Active Lifestyle and Creative Retirement, no doubt about it, older adults and leading-edge boomers are strongly interested in investigating the possibilities  offered as part of the "new urbanism,"a lifestyle that can include living in eco-friendly, multigenerational communities that offer attractive amenities.

As "Baby Boomers" begin to (un)retire, eco-friendly lifestyles and the health and environmental benefits of a "go green" attitude fit well. An increasingly popular option  becoming more common across the USA and in Europe is the eco-friendly multigenerational  or "intergenerational" community.


Whether it happens in a LEED Certified Neighborhood, or one devoted to Green-Built Homes, or in an historical neighborhood or along side an Audubon Certified Golf Course,

you will find leading edge older adults demanding eco-friendly “standards”...

that are beneficial to the health of the environment, which in turn is healthier for the creative retirement crowd.

 green un-retirement

Creative retirement
is focused on  sustainability (green) practices that not only recognize
the impact on the planet,
but also engage the

Practical Arts 

one affordable home idea


As part of your plan for savvy retirement investing you may  notice a good deal of consideration being given to the added value of green-built homes that can work as forever homes.

"Boomers" seem to appreciate the savings in energy costs and maintenance that these eco-friendly living spaces can provide. There is a rising demand by this powerful group of people who can influence the market. The demand is for sustainable excellence in products that work for Everybody -- and for neighborhoods/ communities that include  1) water conservation in the landscape design and in plumbing, 2) the use of non-toxic products,  3) energy efficiency, 4)  edible landscaping,  5) permaculture and/or  shared organic gardens where neighbors grow their own produce.

For people of all ages, community involvement of this type not only encourages healthy eating and is great exercise, but supports stress reduction, relaxation, and a positive attitude.

   TRENDS - increased demand for age-friendly products  

Age-friendly products can be attractive!
More on this in this eBook.

Above are grab bars by Health Craft

functional and attractive

Growing focus on green-living and a healthy homes initiative

In a recent press release we read: "Federal Agencies Working to Make Homes Healthier- Improving housing quality can dramatically affect the health of residents" several federal  agencies " unveiled Advancing Healthy Housing – A Strategy for Action. White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) ... Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ... and Urban Development (HUD)..." have opened discussions.

According to the press release, "The initiative represents a bold new vision for addressing the nation’s health and economic burdens caused by preventable hazards associated with the home...People in the United States spend about 70% of their time in a home. Currently, millions of U.S. homes have moderate to severe physical housing problems, including dilapidated structure; roofing problems; heating, plumbing, and electrical deficiencies; water leaks and intrusion; pests; damaged paint; and high radon gas levels.

These conditions are associated with a wide range of health issues, including unintentional injuries, respiratory illnesses like asthma and radon-induced lung cancer, lead poisoning, result in lost school days for children, as well as lost productivity in the labor force. The health and economic burdens from preventable hazards associated with the home are considerable, and cost billions of dollars."

For more on the Strategy for Action, visit the interagency Healthy Homes website,

 green un-retirement






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