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The Sage Companion Project is an  educational and social enterprise supporting individual empowerment  -regardless of age, sex, or physical ability. We are a publisher of a fair shake for all information.

individual empowerment
through  self-guided tours

We love the idea of exploring the practical arts in life through self-guided tours (see graphic)

If you also love the idea of collaboration with Sage Companions, here you will find subjects of interest to all stakeholders.

Please do return time and again to discover "unexplored corners" that  intrigue you.

KUDOS: "They introduced me to the wealth of resources out there and encouraged me to explore them. Often such a feeling might be accompanied with, 'But I'm  feeling overwhelmed!'  Not in this case. Here it was put before me to sample at my leisure, to pick and choose without blaring."  ~ Paul Carlos Arroyo

 Every Page is Hand Woven

A DESTINATION:  Exclusive-to-this-site find content for enhancing experiences  during the many phases  in life. Whether that be investing in an evolving home with the latest innovations in universal design , or surging toward wellness, or drawing beyond heartache, you can count on thoughtful presentations here.

This site is written BY and FOR smart, accomplished People -  regardless of age or physical ability. The pages are created from original content and come from a neighborly place.

We are proud to be a portal for AWARD-Winning Writers who share their wisdom and stories and Real Life Experiences on the pages of this site.

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MISSION : lifelong happiness     a collaborative culture     connection

The Sage Companion Project promotes  the ideas of "sustainable excellence", human capital (wisdom), the value of each individual,  and to belonging in all phases of our story on Earth. We desire to contribute to positive futures for all concerned. Our special focus is on "sAging"- ON BEING SAGE. Thus we present  practical learning opportunities, innovations in design, and  smarter solutions for positive futures for all concerned through our self-guided tours- the Practical Life Arts eBooklets.


The Sage Companion Project
publishes  a number of

 self-guided "tours" in eBooklets.

The Sage Companion "DIY" eBooks provide individual learning experiences geared for testing your own edges.

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Being SAGE is both an Art Form
and An Experience

ART FORM: With many years of practice at being alive and engaged, we dare to say that being sage  not only is an experience, but an art form. We have come to see that it involves not only aging-beautifully, but a "deep-rooted enchantment with life" and  WELL-BEING -- and sharing that with others - regardless of how old you are.

SHARED KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE: We love the idea of building on shared knowledge. Everyone can thrive when we engage in collaborative efforts. Together we can create a culture of shared findings, understandings and meanings.   We  can change perceptions, increase respect for each individual and dismiss aging stereotypes.

        FOCUSED FOR YOU   

    ABOUT365  and testing your own edges 

T H E   H O M E     R E  - I M A G I N E D     P A G E S 

"As we enter into a conversation about places in which to thrive- regardless of age, physical ability or  income level, clearly the importance of a design for life and respect for each individual emerges. As a not-for-profit social enterprise, we are excited to be a small part in creating a new vision of aging." GO HERE

T H E   P R A C T I C AL   L I F E    A R T S     P A G E S

You don't have to be any particular age to appreciate life as an art form.  IN THIS REAL LIFE SERIES  BY "AWARD-WINNING POST 50 WRITERS "  you can EXPLORE questions and answers as we consider and  plan how and where to live -- today and into the future. A new vision of aging is on the horizon. GO HERE

T H E   D O L L A R S   A N D   S E N S E  P A G E S

Today's Post-50-People see opportunity from new and unique perspectives. In this self-directed e-course, learn a step-by-step success formula created by a nationally-recognized and certified career consultant who says, "When creating opportunities base your actions not only on dollars, but on good "sense". GO HERE

T H E  C U L T U R A L  C R E A T I V E S  P A G E S 

"Cultural Creatives care about the planet, relationships, and servant leadership. They have an organic, systemic, and holistic worldview. They value authenticity, believe in purpose, and live by strong values. They are idealistic, altruistic, and spiritual—not necessarily religious. They are creative and optimistic problem-solvers; they model new ways to live." GO HERE



There's a wide-range of subjects- materials of special interest to those who aim to be engage life and learning - regardless of life's perpetual challenges. Make wise choices and "own  your tomorrow". That's what we intend to do. Positive futures can turn out to be everything we hope it could be-and more. *See the navigation bar to your left*


THE SAGE COMPANION PROJECT is  a not-for-profit educational and social enterprise.
  Thank you in advance for keeping the Project alive and well. 


We expect and support positive futures via The Sage Companion Project. You help us make this is an on-going , collaborative enterprise.

Please do go ahead and share the pages of the ON BEING SAGE SITE liberally.  

Thank you.  janeAnne  


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