Drawing Beyond Heartache - "A Key to Happiness" Digital Art by Z-art-Z ! Studios

Life holds many, many challenges. Some are pleasant. Others are heart-wrenching— the loss of a lifelong partner, the pain of betrayal, the death of a parent or child. Possibly you feel disconnected or encumbered. At any time, you can simply choose to lead with your heart, for there lies the key to happiness.

This small but substantial book offers a self-guided experience - one of transforming heartache into peaceful presence. In a simple process you can “re-wire” your “circuitry” to energize or re-energize that very peaceful presence— on many levels.

  “ . . . spiritual beings having a human experience . . .”  

Self-Guided Tour
take yourself to a happier place

1. Read a verse from Drawing Beyond Heartache.

2. Take a deep breath.

3. Ask for guidance.

4. Focus on an image(s) the verse brings to  mind. This could be positive or negative.

5. Hold on to that image until, at some level, a feeling or sensation arises.

6. Allow yourself to release the feelings, sensations, images-  thus externalizing the experience, and triggering a new perspective.

7. Record the image in some form- a drawing or a doodle- but let it take form.

spiritual beings having a human experience can create
a new vision of life events and experiences
 and  can use the power of creative observation
to change heart-wrenching perceptions
into something positive

"the smiling dragon"

Draw energy from the "smiling dragon"  right now!

Create a “qi-doodle”  - a doodle that is full of "energy" - (directions for drawing are included in the self-guided tour) -

Here (left) is a  qi-doodle drawn by a participant and shared with permission from the small, but empowering  Drawing Beyond Heartache, an eBooklet from The Sage Companion Project.

...   JOURNAL  ...

YOU can draw from a very
personal and deliberate
of mind, heart and hand ...  .

"partnership of mind, heart and hand"

Research has shown that as you hold on to a mental picture then  release it  into some viewable form, a shift in  neurochemical responses can occur. The result can be a salutary new perspective— one achieved, in this case,  through a personal and deliberate partnership of mind, heart and hand. 

THE OBJECTIVE: Use your imagination, then create an image(s) prompted by what you "see" or "sense" in a verse you read. Both evocative and FUN.

...  here's to the very beneficial collaboration with the “muses” of imagery and verse... .

The pages of this eBooklet demonstrate how to access and activate that very change through a process we refer to as the re-visioning technique.  The re-visioning technique is a synergistic process. It employs focused intent, figurative language, and image-making. It can release and reveal empowering perspectives.

Drawing Beyond Heartache can confirm that you have been blessed with wonderful qualities. You, personally, can create an atmosphere of equanimity— bring balance to hand, heart, and  mind. Within that context, there is always the potential for change and compassion as you activate the re-visioning technique.



... what others have said about Drawing Beyond Heartache ...

What a beautiful, healing process! As I read the introductory pages, so many things resonated with my head, heart and soul. What a profound gift to give to a world full of broken, distracted, suffering people...At this moment in time, janeAnne's expression "tangled emotions" exquisitely captures the state of the four most important relationships of my life. So, with that in mind, I read the first verse.

The first several lines are what captured and kept my focus:

"A journey draws near. You are going to the very edge of time
where boundaries blur and intertwine
like a verse that may, or may not rhyme.
In such a place, the I-in-We, our hearts align.
So, feeling this, I take your hand. Your heart is mine."

I take your hand. Your heart is mine.

As I made my request, I saw one heart shared by two, and as I sketched (with no idea how I was going to capture this on paper) the hands being held--which I drew first-- became the bottom of a large heart that was formed between the bodies of a man and woman kissing--but very roughly sketched, with rounded bodies heart-shaped around the shared heart between them. A combo of realism and suggestion and abstraction.


healing heartache


This small but substantial book
offers you the self-guided experience of transforming heartache into peaceful presence. In a simple process you can “re-wire” your “circuitry” to create or re-energize that very peaceful presence— on many levels .




" Doing this activity realigned my focus on the essence of this primary relationship, and is helping me put the challenges in a healthier perspective... ."


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