Explore innovative ideas and "sAging"  solutions of special interest to  ALL Stakeholders- regardless of age or physical ability. AGING-IN-PLACE is a catch phrase used to describe "The ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level." AGING IN PALACE HAPPENS when you choose to incorporate  design excellence into your lifestyle- from getting around comfortably in a "feathered nest". Below are some terms "feathered nest" professionals use  to describe the function of a "designed for all" (universal design) living space. Get rolling!


words to add zest to the conversation

Whether you decide to remodel or create a new home that can work for all who live and visit there,  familiarizing yourself  with these words can add zest to the conversation as you communicate with other stakeholders and professionals. It is just "Smart 50 Talk."

Accessibility- - Assistive-Technology-- Barrier-free interior; Age-Smart Bathrooms- toilets, tubs, sinks vanities, grab bars, faucets, sinks -- Lifelong Homes-   aging-in-place  "Green" home modifications and remodeling projects -- Elevators, Ramps --Things for 55+ housing-  Homes for a lifetime, Co-housing, Villages, Active living...

home automation  --Smart homes; Easy-to-Navigate Kitchen and  Laundry; -- Natural Lighting; -- MAIN FLOOR LIVING; Products and environments for all ages and abilities; --Real Estate and "senior" specialists; -- Universal Design elements and designs- and top remodeling choices.

AGING-IN-PLACE is a catch phrase used to describe "The ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level."   It refers to a CHOICE many Post50 People are making to  remain in their lifelong homes.

A good place to begin making that choice is with by asking, finding answers to, and talking about relevant options  with a good action plan.

"This eBooklet contains helpful starting points for talking about and designing a functional and BEAUTIFUL lifelong home."  


 age-friendly products


You may find that the following videos contain interesting perspectives and solutions you may choose to incorporate in your "universe of discourse".  In fact, you even may note several attractive modifications you might select. TAKE A LOOK.

Regardless of how old you are or what physical challenges you encounter, it makes sense to expect and ask for and demand Premium Function in products that work for everyone. This is (all-inclusive)  Universal Design.  Scroll on down to see some awesome design solution.


age-friendly products
Piano Lift Oven

"Oh! My Back!"- Does your back sometimes "kink" when you bend down or reach over an appliance? Here's an interesting remedy- the Piano Lift Oven. (see photo below)  You do NOT need to bend or reach over as this beauty actually has NO door to get in the way."When closed, the oven’s top lies flush with the countertop. A simple push of a button on the front mounted control panel causes the oven to rise up out of the countertop. Food is easily brought within reach by three tempered glass trays that fit into pull-out guides.

Crush-prevention sensors ensure that the oven will not lower if cooking utensils or fingers are in the way. The function lock button can be used to disable the oven’s instrument panel so that buttons aren’t accidentally activated when using the countertop. A residual heat indicator light lets users know when the top of the oven is still hot to the touch." continue reading!  

The Wolf Cooktop Downdraft


Wouldn't you love a cooktop downdraft that rises from the countertop to whisk away odors? We would! And the idea of an  easy-to-clean, five-layer mesh filter with a remote mounted control module has us smiling here at The Sage Companion.

As Wolf  explains- there's more to it: " Wall and ceiling mounted ventilation hoods often have controls that are mounted too high to be accessible and require users to reach over the heating elements, posing a potential safety risk. The Wolf Cooktop Downdraft provides a solution to this problem since its remote mounted control module can be located where it can be easily and

safely accessed by everyone."

Fulgor Piano Lift Oven

WOW! This is amazing!

With frame weldable to stainless steel top surfaces and controls the opening and closing of the oven with the LIFT motorized raising and lowering system. The cooking chamber is stainless steel and there is independent, single-source Halogen lighting.

age-friendly products of the month

The remote mounted control module comes with physical buttons and LEDs that indicate if the unit is turned on and which mode is currently selected.

" When not in use the Wolf Cooktop Downdraft ventilation system lies flush with the countertop. A push of a button raises the unit when ventilation is needed.

There are three levels of blower speed and a delay-off feature that automatically turns the unit off after five minutes. A filter clean timer lets you know when it's time to clean the dishwasher-safe aluminum mesh filter."

age-friendly products
Best Ever Bath System

The Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Spa’s raised height allows all users to transfer into the tub from a sitting position, while four integrated grab bars offer support. The tub’s patented sliding door saves space and makes it easy to approach the tub. The elevated height also provides storage space under the tub and allows parents to bathe kids without having to kneel or stoop over. The faucet and hand-held sprayer use large lever-type controls, and an optional Electronic Touch Control Pad is available for users who wish to control the water, temperature and other features at the touch of a button.

The ADL Spa’s optional Safety Plus System features hi-flow thermostatic, anti-scald control valves, ensuring that the tub fills quickly without causing burns- a wonderful option for all -regardless of age or physical ability.

Other optional features include a 7-jet whirlpool system, a 15-jet air massage system and an automatic Ozone Sanitation system that eliminates microorganisms without the use of harsh chemicals.

age-friendly products



Look at the many benefits - for mind, body and good-spirits - regardless of age or physical ability- and you will find the answer.

Here (above) is a central drive -in bath that is more than attractive! The shower in this photo (courtesy of The Art of Living -Mosby Building Arts)

Here are examples of universal design that truly combine beauty and functionality.

Fine Fixtures- Universal Design


age-friendly products
Here are easily accessible levels and adaptations that can work for all those who live in a home, regardless of age or physical ability. 
Your special finds for home improvements and/or choices for a feathered nest  or a  LIFELONG HOME can continue as you begin envisioning
easily accessible levels and adaptations ... with benefits for EVERYBODY - regardless of age or physical ability.


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