Creator of Tío Tucán "Edu-tainment" on  iTunes 'App of the Day' MacTrast

Author Claudine Lundgren

" Besides Spanish, my main interests include photography, backpacking, wildlife/bird watching, and producing computer artwork for adventure games. You can see some of my artwork in the
The Silver Lining game. It has been produced online by Phoenix Online."

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artist and author claudine lundgren creates curriculum and graphics


Does Technology Get Your Goat?
Oh, wait! You don't have a goat!

Tío Tucán, on
iTunes won Game

 'App of the Day'


Why Goats?

The upside is sheer joy


"Us Ol' Goats"


Come to the Goat Farm

Changing Seasons

A Conversation with Artist and


THIS accomplished artist is also an innovative teacher of Spanish. Of Swedish and Spanish heritage, she lived part of her youth in a Mexican-American environment and traveled frequently to México during her early years. A graduate of Linfield College in Oregon, Lundgren has done postgraduate studies at Michigan State University, the University of Oregon, and CIDOC in Cuernavaca, Mexico. She was the youngest recipient of a scholarship to attend-twice-the Los Angeles County Art Institute during high school and was a young recipient of the Bank of America Art Achievement Award.

Lundgren has co-owned and operated a printing company which published books, has been the art director of a (screen) printing company,  was licensed by Disney to draw Donald Duck for the University of Oregon, and was the first to copyright mascot T-shirt designs. She served as a Professor of Spanish , she  received a grant to develop a pilot study program of language immersion for high school students. Lundgren has traveled with students, she has  received a grant that allowed her to computerize a classroom.

BUT WAIT! That's not all!!  Today she is also a goat farmer.

We wanted to know where else her passions are taking her...

Artist and Author Claudine Lundgren

What is, or what do you expect to be the most adventurous thing you have done/will do after the age of 60?
Become an iPad app publisher

Are there any occupational hazards to being an app designer?
Only that I have to communicate my ideas to a team of 20 year old guys who speak nothing but computereeze.

What is a "dweeb"?
Someone who doesn't fit in with the group and isn't very capable.

Would you consider creating apps for children?
OH, YES! No reason why I can't produce apps like adventure games, to engage young students to enjoy the discovery of language learning through play.

What is your favorite line of poetry?
Probably something from Pablo Neruda, in Spanish of course.Or maybe Juan Ramón Jimenez, also in Spanish.

Do you ever wish that you had an entirely uncreative job, like data entry or working in a factory?
Had one. It was fun. Tangible success, unlike teaching, but not meaningful enough to want to keep it long.

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Some Renaissance woman.

Artist and Author Claudine Lundgren 

What are the most important attributes to remaining sane as a creative person?
Keeping a journal about TODAY

What are the most significant changes/defining moments you see as happening in the world?
Technology is creating a new dimension for the future. We either embrace it or continue to ride in a horse drawn carriage and be left behind.

How do you envision your white-haired years?
What white-haired years? I don't bother looking in the mirror to remind myself that there is white hair. I just keep doing the things I've always been doing.

What  advice do you have for persons in various phases of aging ?
We design many of the limits that hold us back from maintaining a healthy existence during the aging years. Too often we choose and/or accept limits.

Have your goats ever eaten your work?
No, I'm way too protective of the things that I create.

Have you ever tossed out work due to utter frustration?
Many times. Sometime is feels like too many times. We cannot rise to another level in anything without failure. It is through small failures that we learn and improve. Trial and error is essential for exploring beyond our given tasks.

When are you going to write your autobiography?
I'm writing it now. 

Tell us about it in 100 words
At a young age I was torn from my Spanish heritage and was unable to study the language in school. Determined to make it back to my roots, I finally made it into the Peace Corps, and found my way back. (ed note As a Peace Corps volunteer, Clau spent two years in a rural village of Chile in South America. She has also lived and studied in Mexico and traveled through Europe. )

What would you change about your youth that would make things different in your journey to where you are now?
 I would still play marathon Pinochle games over the weekends in college, but I also might try to become a professional tennis player.

Artist and Author Claudine Lundgren

Lundgren's iTunes game

Tío Tucán

Artist and author Claudine Lundgren  has produced designs for over 72 universities in 15 states and also created designs for the Olympic trials as well as the Rose Bowl and other bowl games. Currently, she lives on a 10 acre farm with  six Pygmy goats (pets) along four cats and three dogs.

"Living on a farm, a half an hour away from 'civilization' means that we do a lot of our own maintenance, like fixing the tractor and working on our other farm machinery," she says.


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