Claudine Lundgren

GOAT WOMAN- Professor Claudine Lundgren currently is  busy designing  iTunes apps

" At 71 and I  designed and produced my first iTunes app."

Does Technology Get Your Goat?

"Technology only gets my goat when I run into designed obsolescence."

She used her experience as a Spanish teacher and professor for 20 years to create design and produce her first- iPad app. And it's an Award Winner! You can find it  now via iTunes at the Apple app store. It is called Tío Tucán.

GOAT WOMAN- Professor Claudine Lundgren's Spanish heritage is seamlessly spotlighted through her work as both a Spanish teacher and artist. Claudine has lived, traveled, and worked in Chile as a Peace Corps Volunteer; her studies include living and traveling in Mexico, plus traveling many countries of Central and South America, as well as Europe.

 The recipient of numerous awards, certificates and grants for achievements in art and Spanish, Claudine combines her talents in this powerful, enjoyable tool for those pursuing their Spanish practice in a handy game format.

! Best iKid activity

in an iPad world

with Tío Tucán

it's Edutainment !

"That app is now for sale at the Apple app store. "


Does Technology Get Your Goat? Oh, wait! You don't have a goat!

I do, but technology only gets my goat when I run into designed obsolescence. It seems like every day there is something new that I need to get to replace the now out-of-date whatever. But I refuse to be left completely behind.

"Technology isn't for little ol' ladies"....
Oh, wait! My Mother is almost 95 and keeps up online

She downloads the family photos and prints them out to place in an album. How'd that happen? She knows how to get help when she needs it and is quite capable of learning new things even though she can hardly see or hear. She keeps up with email, the news, orders books for her large Kindle and even uses DropBox to share large files.

Technology hasn't got her goat!

Oh, look, a book called "Guide for the Complete Idiot". Oh, wait!, I'm not an idiot. I can learn just as well as the youngsters. What's up with this 'idiot' or 'dummy' attitude? I don't buy those. How about some inspiration, like "Let's Compute!"

"Grey haired women can't keep up with technology".
Oh, wait!, you are reading this on a web page!
How'd that happen?

Let's look for ways to learn that fit our style of learning. For instance, if you are generally a right-brained person, that is, more visual oriented, creative, and less adept at lists of information and numbers, then perhaps you should be looking into working more on an Apple/Mac computer rather than a PC type.

If you are a more left-brained person who prefers things to be organized in lists rather than icons, then a PC would probably be a better choice. Since I am more right-brained, I have learned to buy guides that are designed for visual learners.

We need to make the learning fit our style, not our age.


"Technology is too hard for old people to understand."

That's for the birds! At 71 and I  designed and produced my first iTunes app...

That app is now for sale at the Apple app store. It is called Tío Tucán. How did that happen? I'm not a programmer. I don't know how to build a website, and have no idea how to design an algorithm, whatever that is! I'm an artist, not a computer geek. But I know how to ask questions and learn from the answers. And I know that getting help to do the things that I don't need to learn is not a bad thing.

If you'd like to see more about my app or me, you can visit my web page at www.tiotucan.com. It is a game designed to study Spanish, for any age.

I didn't do the programming, but I did the art, the animation, the content and design for what elements needed to be there, and where and how it should all work. You don't need to do it all. And you don't even have to speak 'computerese'. So, in the end, it's the goat that you want to keep, and just let the rest go.

Oh, and as for technology, don't wait. Go with it.



app is available via

at the Apple app store

LOOK FOR Tío Tucán.




My first thought is, why not? They don't have to go to the groomers, nor do they puke up hairballs. Well, maybe because they eat anything and everything that they can get their mouth on? Or maybe because they can peel trees, jump on top of cars, chew up your clothes. And yes, they do have to have their nails trimmed a few times a year. I guess that could be the downside.

The upside is sheer joy. The kind that kick up their heels in the air sideways. Born clowns, they are constant entertainment. They pretend head butting wars and king or queen of the mountain, pushing each other off and then fly off in the air in a victory dance.

The upside is sheer joy


Ours happen to be African Pygmy Goats, a type of goat that was introduced to the USA in 1956. They grow sideways instead of up, so they all look pregnant, all of the time, male or female. And, yes, they love the heat and hate the rain. So, we have a large covered area along the barn to keep them happy.

We are fascinated with them, don't eat them, don't sell them or even make cheese or drink goat's milk. They are sort of like outdoor dogs that have a large yard to play in and that get to sleep in the barn. They each know their name, are naturally curious, each with their own personality, and choose to come running to greet us, or not, depending on the treats that we carry or their mood at the moment.


Most people think that they are great for keeping the grasses down. WRONG. Well, maybe some goats are good for that. These goats are very picky eaters in that respect. Yes, they would chew up my shirt if I let them, but they would rather eat the dry hay that we provide than eat the fresh dandelions and grasses in their yard. They will even eat duct tape if it is available, so working around the barnyard has its drawbacks and we must keep our eyes on our tools and gloves.

On the other hand, if we wish to give some medicine to the goats, we only need to put the medicine in a tissue and let the tissue hang out of our pocket as an invitation and they will happily yank it out and eat it. It's much better than trying to catch them in the barn stall.


put the medicine in a tissue and let the tissue hang out of our pocket as an invitation and they will happily yank it out and eat it

Once they suspect that we are trying to catch them for whatever reason, they become four-legged ricocheting missiles, flying off of every wall and bale of hay. Have you ever tried to catch a flying 50 pound goat?

And let's not forget that goats help keep us young, teach us to play and find joy in the silliest of things.


And let's not forget that goats help keep us young, teach us to play and find joy in the silliest of things. I mean, look, I'm 70 years old and find myself enjoying having a grunting contest with the goats!

So, if you are thinking of getting a goat, remember that just one goat won't do, as they are herding animals. So get ready for fun, as more than one goat is a circus waiting to happen.


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