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We all have some camping stories I bet! But going alone sounds like a good idea. Until you have to do it all alone. Start the campfire? In the rain? With no umbrella and fanning the coals with a paper plate? My memories........agh ...on and on I could go.

8 kids.One tent.

We took our five kids camping and took along three other kids who were in St Francis Home for Boys at the time. I wanted all of them to have fun and a great experience. 8 kids. One tent. And on the way to Canada's Pinery Park, one of the kids got the car. The warm jackets for night time were ruined!

We took the long route not realizing it would take many, many more hours to get to the campgrounds than what it could have taken.Over the bridge in Detroit to Canada? Or over the Sarnia bridge? We chose the wrong bridge. It was dark when we got there! Then the rain started as we tried to put the tent up. Then the very heavy rain started and leaked into the sleeping bags.

After two days of this I said, "Lets go home!" And all the kids cried out, "WHY do that?" They loved it! Couldn't understand why I would want to go home! Or maybe to a nice motel??


We did move on to a pop up camper,
as I recall, however....

We did move on to a pop up camper after that. We went to a park in Washington, DC. Kids loved the pool there and we would go see all the buildings during the day and swim in the afternoon.Great time best vacation ever! Kids still talk about it. I recall, however.... that some family of raccoons got into the screened-in room they had over the picnic table with the crockpot keeping the corn for the next day's dinner safe....

Raccoons, and a skunk!

DON'T MOVE......and I told the kids not to move .....or speak! For, as we watched with flashlights, the raccoons and a skunk enjoyed the corn. Not a kernel left in the morning! It was good to go camping but good to be home and what wonderful memories we still have of those fun family camping trips.

Wayward Wind RV LIFE story brought back to mind my stories.I had thought I had forgotten them so many years ago.The kids could never understand why we had to leave ......aghhhh ........But now they have kids and go camping, and they understand!!! Enjoy the experiences and the wonderful fresh air, the sunrises and the campfires and roasting marshmallows. Camping stories are fun. Come to Michigan. We have great camping nearby!

GRANDMA MJ-2 camping

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