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     Coach Yourself Thin Author Greg Hottinger, MPH, RD, is accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, worked as a nutrition educator at the Duke University Diet and Fitness Center and the Duke Center for Integrative Medicine.He is a nutrition consultant  teaching faculty member for Wellcoaches, the leading coach training organization. 

Greg raises awareness around eating, activity, &  body image   with pointers for body and self- and the maintenance of quality of life through good nutrition. Here he talks about well-being with a special focus on "boomers" and Post 50 People  and offers spot-on reading for EVERYBODY on the kind track to wellness.  Are you tuning out body signals or covering up weight issues? Read The Sage Companion Project heart-warming interview with Greg. (scroll down)

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The Key to Maintaining a Healthy Weight

SAGE:  I'd like to begin by asking you- - what is the real key to a healthy weight loss?

GREG:  In a word: Awareness. The more you tune in to when you are physically hungry and notice when you are thirsty or eating for comfort, the more your body communicates with you and the easier it gets- and peer support is key to help you stay on track.

SAGE: I enjoyed the Meal Planner section of Coach Yourself Thin. Is there an eating plan structure you might encourage older adults to consider?

GREG:  A good start is to think about how you were eating at a time in the past when you felt your best. There is no one-size-fits-all eating pattern: some find that having 6 small meals/snacks during the day is the best way to keep the appetite balanced while others do well with 3 balanced meals.

Eating less frequently increases the risk of blood sugar swings and then making poor choices or over-eating.

SAGE:  Coach Yourself Thin is packed with valuable information for our readers- many of whom are leading edge boomers and older adults. I'm wondering- are there any barriers to healthy weight loss to which we need to pay special attention?

weight issues

  "The biggest barrier is believing that it's too late to make lifestyle changes

   that can greatly improve health, increase energy levels, and open up new doors of possibility."

SAGE: Could you elaborate on what makes it particularly important for older adults to manage our weight?

GREG: In three words: quality of life.

Maybe you expected me to say that you can lower your risk of disease and this is true. However, if you are feel stronger, have more energy, and feel more inspired as a result of living healthier and shifting your thinking, your quality of life will improve and this will be evident by how you relate to your friends, family, and the environment. I ask you- How would your life be different if you had more energy, slept better, and felt great in your body when exerting yourself?

SAGE: In your book you mention five steps to retrain your mind. In terms of weight issues, do you have any special recommendations for the 50+ crowd?

GREG: Get started, be patient with yourself, and get clear on why you're making changes. Give a person the 'why' and she'll figure out the 'how'. Change happens when the perceived payoffs are greater than the costs.

Weight Issues: Healthy Weight Loss for Older Adults
Bread, Weight Loss and Peer Support

SAGE: You answer one of the prime questions our readers ask in Coach Yourself Thin. That is- ”What kind of bread should I buy? ” Tell our readers - what the ONE WORD they should look for on a label.

GREG: The word to look for is WHOLE. Every other mention of flour, be it 100% wheat, enriched, bread flour, 100% semolina, etc. is fancy way of saying 'refined white flour'. Whole wheat is 100% whole grain and contains the nutrients that improve health and can help your body metabolize carbohydrates more efficiently.

SAGE: Any more advice?

GREG: Earlier I mentioned that and peer support is key to help you stay on track. I'd like to invite  readers of The Sage Companion are invited to join the private Facebook page dedicated to providing daily peer support for those interested in living a healthier lifestyle.


Weight Issues: Healthy Weight Loss for Older Adults

Coach Yourself Thin



Exercise physiologist Michael Scholtz and nutritionist Greg Hottinger teach a 12-week program based on Coach Yourself Thin --

It includes 6 webinars,live chats, and an effective Facebook support group.

"We can learn 3 ways to think differently that will give us the power to reach weight loss goals once and for all."

The links to your left lead you to more advice from Greg Hottinger,MPH, RD. 


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