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savoir faire

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Savoir faire is the practical life art of being adaptable and adroit. It implies knowing what to do in almost any situation. It includes making choices - some big, some small- some really important - and some of little consequence. This is a "how-to"  art about the why, where, and when of living a life-engaged.

Challenges, Remedies and Possibilities to Connect with  the Enchantment with Life.  are part of a life well-lived.  Regardless of age, the practical life art of being adaptable and adroit can provide access to an enviable place of consequence.

You can dismiss outmoded stereotypes about what it means to grow older.

Making Choices 
some big, some small- some really important - and some of little consequence

personal  TLC
eBooklet- 28 pages

a small thing but...

If you decide to start  at the top,  a well-framed face is an excellent asset. 

This little eBooklet may be a small thing, but it can give you a big boost in terms of personal TLC.

It contains basic information. It is fun to do and actually can  demonstrate How Your Hair Can Frame Your Face to Maximize Your Features.

"Fun-filled for ALL ages.
A new look based on the shape of our faces
worked for all 3 generations in our home"

Knowing how to achieve a most flattering look for the shape of your face can mean simply arranging and/or styling your hair so that it creates the illusion of an oval. However, no matter if your face is shaped like an oval, square, heart, diamond or is oblong. what matters is that your   look reveals  a special connection to inner beauty.

Happiness Matters

You can  affect  your everyday life, everyday things,
and extend your influence beyond today and into a  positive future.
That is the essence of savoir faire.

Life holds many, many challenges. Some are pleasant. Others are heart-wrenching— the loss of a lifelong partner, the pain of betrayal, the death of a parent or child.

At any time, you can simply choose to lead with your heart, for there lies the key to happiness


   Make choices  that include graceful-aging- and the attitudes, attributes, and lifestyle that reveal the courage to heal heartache and bring happiness to all concerned.



Across the generations- in each passage of life- the decisions can be easier
once priorities are investigated  and viewed with clarity.

Friendship Matters

Human capital is  expressed in the practical arts that you personally collect,create and share over the years.

Here are your stories and here is your wisdom to share. 

Celebrate the seasons of your life.Get involved.Engage in lifelong learning.

And continue to take self-guided tours into the practical arts.


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