Did you know that Loneliness is now recognized as a bigger health risk than Obesity or Smoking? With this in mind,  you may choose to focus on making connections. Below you will find a quick run-down our researchers at The Sage Companion Project reviewed ... .

Could this be a prospect for finding a perfect companion ? We make no promises. The possibility to discover or rediscover a treasure for your life may be here.


Dating -Loving Relationships-Perfect Companions-and the Art of Being Happy - An interesting subject. What makes YOU excited about each new day?

In a reader survey, we asked :

"What Makes You Want to Get Up in the Morning?"

Most Popular Answers

1. Maintaining wellness- on levels of body, mind, spirit.

Enriching the lives of other, younger people by sharing projects and current happenings with them - and continuing to learn.

2. Getting out and about- walking, swimming, yoga, meeting friends- community activities, gardening, dancing, on-going loving relationships- enjoying time with mates and -for those who are single, the prospect of finding a "perfect companion" and/or someone worthwhile to hang out with.



Reports Margo A. Denke, M.D. -  New England Journal of Medicine- "Aging well is giving to others. It is accepting our limitations with humor and dignity. It is cultivating the sparks of interest into our own eternal flame. "

Companionship of the genuine and loving kind can be a wonderful thing and bring people much happiness. Yes- older adults and "boomers" may find prospects for a perfect companion online, OR NOT!. So this is a caveat. Pay special attention. Observe the rules of safety. We make no promises, except the possibility of discovering a treasure for your life.

Having said that, here are the sites we reviewed and our comments. The sites are in no particular order. We have NOT provided text links to most of them, so if you decide to check them out, you will have to copy and paste the links.

You probably already have heard about Match dot com and e Harmony SO let's start with two you may NOT have seen elsewhere


- "Stitch doesn't let you filter out potential matches based on superficial information like their eye color, but we do believe it's important for you to meet people who live close to you. We show you potential matches in your area, and you let us know if you like what you see."


"Try vegetarian dating...lacto vegetarians, ovo vegetarians, fish vegetarians, those who are becoming vegetarian and macrobiotic diets through vegan vegetarians...share organic vegetarian and healthy vegetarian dishes. Join over 16,000 members to find friends, dates, or a special someone! "


  • Take some time to think about yourself. Are you looking to make real connections?- for romance ? for a companion?

  • What are your interests, what do you love to do?


  • Senior Friend Finder - Online Personals and Senior Companionship... senior friend finder dot com- This looked promising. Friends are a good thing, right? But then we read this- > "Senior Friend Finder does NOT conduct criminal background screening of its members, it reminded us that caution is on the table.

  • LEARN about Internet Safety!
    Sites, Reviews and Relationship Advice“Seniors give the best reviews for the top senior sites, “ say the site owners”…“. Read recommendations and advice written by your peers.” The reviews are informational but do not demonstrate personal knowledge or experience. Still, this could be a good place to start an online adventure.

  • Dating for Seniors - The graphic here does show two silver-haired “seniors” but a look at the caveat on this site is off-putting if not kind of scary.Ageist attitudes.
  •  Site for 50 Plus & Senior Singles - -“BABY BOOMER MEET-UP”…graphic shows married couple with rings… not sure if they are widowed/divorced? Or have found true love? But the site does say it offers a “Live Senior Counselor”… (If you are looking for a mate, you might not need  a "counselor" at YOUR age. Just sayin' =)

   MeetUps    and more meetups 

  • eHarmony - Some of your single friends may have been very happy with the results from this online meet-your-mate site. Some have mixed reviews. As you probably already have heard if you have ever taken the online meet someone challenge- “eHarmony brings you together with truly compatible senior singles in your area.”

    It all comes down to if you choose to “ Review your mature singles matches for FREE today.”If we were single we might check this site out, because- the graphic seems authentic- seems actually to portray two real silver-haired people who met via eHarmony… and they look happy.NOTE: We came upon the following site while doing our review of the sites above. We thought... it could be of interest to readers as well...
  • For Singles 50+ - CAUTION…the graphic shows an older gray-haired guy and a younger-looking, brunette woman. ..Could this be a case of age-grading?  We are not sure. But you can get a sneak-peek at some “available” daters…
  • Free Senior Dating are not sure exactly how "free" this really is...Join “for free” if you are attracted to the graphic…a younger-than-he is blonde leaning dependently upon the chest of a salt-and-pepper haired guy in a suit.


If you have an online MEETUP site you would like to recommend, please let us know. We are happy to take a peek at it! And in the meantime, here's a link to take you over to some ideas for looking snazzy whether doing a mingle adventure or not.



W E   A R E  H E R E   T O D A Y  -   W  E   V A L U E   C O N N E C T I O N S  -    D O  K E E P   I N   T O U C H


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