by Richard Sharp
(Charlotte, NC)

I admire your strength of character and un-intimidated look toward the future. Being from the generation that came just before the baby boom and was more than a little skeptical of the boomers, I'm happy to see those stereotypes as put to rest by you and your cohorts as I'm hoping will occur with mine.

I think the Kinks got it right, as well expressed in your column:

"it's not the make up
Or the way you dress
It's not your appearance, that they all detest
It's not your manners, that you gotta improve's your attitude.

Great attitude!

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Boomer Generation is Unique

by Patricia Feager
(Flower Mound, TX)

Baby Boomers have always been a unique generation. Parents that raised them knew it long before baby boomers knew it themselves. The media always had something to say about the baby boomers even when they were in diapers! Nobody could understand the Baby Boomer generation in the '60s or the '70s - except another baby boomer!


Your Q & A post about housing trends for baby boomers is exciting to read and I love the fresh new ideas that this generation (which I'm proud to be categorized in) is talking about, which is so creative. YES! Creative - that's it - baby boomers always have and always will be creative!!! We splashed the world with color in the height of our creativity as teenagers with our tie dyes and splatter paint when we were young adults and we will take it with us to the very end for all the world to witness and enjoy for a lifetime!

Patricia Feager, MBA

" I enjoy being on the path with people who are striving to unlock the key to the door that leads to their success...."

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Little White Buffalo

by Steve
(Portland, OR)

A rare event has occurred in Goshen, Connecticut -- a white bison bull calf was born! At one in 10 million odds, it is no wonder that this is considered a sacred event to many Native Americans. Some of them are traveling to Connecticut -- see the story here:

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