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Baby Boomers Opinions and Issues

 YOU and some amazing AWARD-WINNING POST 50 WRITERS  can explore the meaning and practicalities of "sustainable excellence" as you consider and  plan how and where to live -- today and into the future.  A new vision of aging is on the horizon-- and "boomers" have the power in sheer numbers to influence how it unfolds.

But first-- some perspective: Take a step back across past decades and our  history as a group of people, all 50-plus...

HISTORY: At just about the time we were coming of age, the world-at-large was replete with events and issues that impacted our perspectives -- Sputnik and the Space Race- the Cuban Missile Crisis- Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” and three assassinations--all happened when we were not very old.

But we were old enough. Many of us still take a deep breath each time we think of where we were when we heard the news. Many of us wanted to change the world-- were influenced in the way we see the world.

We wonder if all these events also might have influenced our development as a group, and what that means today ... .

Baby Boomers Opinions


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Baby Boomers Opinions & Issues-
POST 50 PEOPLE -Known for holding strong views

Many Post50 People entertain strong opinions colored by feelings or bias.  Some are excited about living at home instead of in assisted living. Some are dedicated to self-guided learning tours. Maybe a  passion arose from the amazement of seeing the Blue Earth from Space. It may seem particularly important in this Our Time of Possibility as powerful Baby Boomers to use our influence for encouraging sustainable innovation in "Smart Communities."

Cultural Creatives and The Power of Baby Boomers Opinions

Could sustainable innovation, as exemplified in the New Urbanism, in some way, be a remedy for what ails humankind -individually and as a collection of living beings on the planet?

The notion of pocket neighborhoods- walkable and friendly- and of stewardship on a larger scale evokes that essential sense of personal responsibility for one's own quality of life, as well as the quality of life of neighbors and future generations.

In recent years, the boomer generation has faced challenges: Wealth decimated by a series of financial crises , equity stakes in homes lost,  pension fund assets diminished. Projected life styles are due for review. It’s not worked out well for a large number of older adults who also are seeking employment. And, possibly you cringe at the thought of the slashing of  benefits from Social Security to which we contributed for decades.

How can we engage in change with compassion?

A Strong View and Healing

What is a “strong view” other than an opinion closely held and immensely valued? It is not always easy to hold off on sharing this view- to talk about what works for the other person before talking about what we think is good for us. Luckily, most “Baby Boomers have learned that just to listen and to try to understand another can be healing. And healing may be what we all need – regardless of age or physical ability.

  • One Post50 Person put it this way:

    " I  like to think of  another kind of  'strong view' - something you may see out your window- a hummingbird hovering over the cornflower- the mountain painted in October’s  shades of the season.

    Early this morning, I pondered my view -the sun and clouds veiling the valley below- and felt so elated to be living in this natural neighborhood. And then I thought back to a recent event: A hungry bear cub planted himself on the path to my door and scowled at me like an angry adolescent. At first, I thought his angry face was comical. It looked so out of place on this youngster. Then I felt a bit anxious. Then somewhat confused. Obviously something had gone wrong for this hungry cub. And it may have had something to do with the near-destruction of his habitat and food source. There would be consequences for all concerned.

    It was then that I realized that this cub and I share the pain of all of us who were born into a world  currently struggling with so many issues.

    But there is hope in the always inventive and ingenious group of people referred to as 'The Boomers' and 'Cultural Creatives' who may choose to move into the second phase of life with an opinion that this is an Opportunity."

Baby Boomers Opinions

Now can be  the time for a cultural evolution ignited by Cultural Creatives
dismissing outmoded aging stereotypes.

 "Older persons do not believe they are as bad off
as younger people think they believe."
Dr. Charles Schewe 



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