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Predicting  Sustainable Excellence

Take a look at current trends and what is on the horizon in healthcare. There's a New Model of Wellness that may unfold at your urging. This could mean a more integrative and caring approach to medical care so the prediction is in favor of sustainable excellence.

PREDICTIONS: Recently we interviewed Dr. Charles Schewe. We asked about his predictions for the future of healthcare. How might we initiate a plan to maintain good health for years to come? (You can read that interview HERE


FORBES:  “The baby boomers make up a hefty part of the American population, giving [us] a significant degree of economic and cultural power. The trends …create a positive outlook for jobs related to healthcare and some stimulus in economic spending ….”

CNBC: Boomers visit ”… the doctor more . . .consume more services … aren’t afraid to use …. $7 trillion in collective wealth to improve … quality of life. From physical therapy, to cosmetic surgery, to the latest in life-saving technology...Boomers just aren’t built to grow old gracefully."

naturally healthy eating


Schewe's Vision includes in the plan a lifestyle that respects healthy living spaces and natural neighborhoods…

one where low impact hobbies and sports are accessible -

possibly with a pool and yoga studio nearby, and living spaces with plenty of light

where naturally healthy eating is not only practiced, but enjoyed.



Number from 1- 7 in Order of Priority for YOU


1.  An active lifestyle
RATE: 1- 10   ______

2.low impact hobbies and sports are accessible
RATE: 1- 10   ______

3.a pool and yoga studio nearby
RATE: 1- 10   ______

4. living spaces with plenty of light
RATE: 1- 10   ______

5. naturally healthy eating is respected
RATE: 1- 10   ______

6.healthy living spaces
RATE: 1- 10   ______

7.natural neighborhoods
RATE: 1- 10   ______


The Sage Companion Project team wanted to know why we were hearing from self-guided learning tours participants that they wanted to be more personally responsible for their  healthcare  and  desired a more personal experience with healthcare professionals.

Our own  SLIM COACH, Greg Hottinger whose articles appear in The Sage Companion Quarterly eMagazine, recommended we turn to DUKE UNIVERSITY, a leader in the field of Integrative Medicine and his alma mater.

Quoting Duke University: "  As the American healthcare system grows progressively stressed and truly patient-centered care becomes increasingly difficult to find, more people than ever before are looking for alternatives to the conventional healthcare model.

Integrative medicine, which focuses on caring for the whole human being—body, mind, spirit, and community, not just flesh, bones, and organs—is steadily becoming a desirable and logical option for many people."

Baby Boomers Healthcare: Happening Today

The New Model 

"The integrative medicine model recognizes the critical role the practitioner-patient relationship plays in a patient's overall healthcare experience, and it seeks to care for the whole person by taking into account the many interrelated physical and nonphysical factors that affect health, wellness, and disease, including the psychosocial and spiritual dimensions of people's lives."

Medical doctors in Asheville, North Carolina are leading the way with a new vision of sustainable excellence.  Over a decade ago,  Lisa Lichtig, MD and Patrick Hanaway, MD now married for over twenty years, had a vision to create a health care center that addressed the root of illness rather than just treating symptoms. They recognized people’s longing to feel deeply cared for and heard by their physicians. "We do not compromise the level of care and time that we spend with our patients. Instead, as we grow, we are grateful that we can offer this ‘good medicine’ to a broader population."

Lisa Lichtig, M.D.

 Family to Family Integrative Medicine  Lisa Lichtig, M.D  " seeks to provide a safe forum for the story of healing to be told; to support you as the journey towards balance unfolds; and to join you in the exploration of the heart of healing."

Not far from Family to Family's offices in a beautiful bungalow in an historic section of Asheville, you will also find a team of caring doctors at Integrative Family Medicine.  " We believe that healthcare can be done differently, "they tell us. " We opened our clinic to make quality, primary care affordable for you.

By treating the ‘whole you’ and providing comprehensive care, we address the roots of your concerns. We integrate Western Medicine and natural methods to fit your needs.

"  We give time to understand you, so that together we can find an effective, individualized plan for your optimal health. We work outside of the insurance model and have two ways to provide affordable, quality care for you and your family."

 value sustainable excellence
beginning with your own wellness

Baby Boomers Healthcare: Happening Today



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