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Post50 Homes


When Sage and John, a beautiful couple beginning their Post-50 adventure, decided to create a sanctuary – a wonderful dream dwelling—  it was clear to them that they wanted to build something small.

They had seen an ad in an Asheville journal (see graphic) and were looking at a land and home package for just over $100,000. The interior would be just under 800 sqft. There would be room to add on  an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) as well. At some point in the future the idea of continuing a “family compound” might be on the table.

Post50 Homes

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Post50 Homes- Style Options

But now they were looking at the options in terms of styles, building techniques, and materials used. There were many!  Some were modern in style, some were rustic. They were leaning toward a bungalow-cottage when we talked with them. Certainly, they were looking for a super energy efficient, reduced energy and operating costs, comfort and durability, natural light, accessibility and beautiful, non-toxic materials.

“This is the best investment we could make, " they told us.

The ultimate dream home does not need to be huge. In fact, boomer consumer influence -and tremendous buying power today-  points to alternative solutions. And there are affordable solutions for those who are "downsizing"  or creating a private space near family members.

As Sage and John  considered “life destinations” they traveled down any number of “roads”  and did their "homework"- research where,  it turns out, wisdom was to be gained around each turn in the road and by fortuitous detours.

Living Comfortably and Independently

The entire process led to making wise choices for living comfortably and independently well into what they refer to as their “deep maturity.”  Interestingly, recent research indicates that Post-50-People- due to the sheer size of this population- will (and already do) have an enormous influence on home design.

If you are a stakeholder, the choices you make to incorporate functional yet beautiful accommodations in your future dream home may be only so far away as what you can envision, and can work for you today!

Post50 Homes


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