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Memory Lane Spring

You don't have to go somewhere else to make or build wealth.
You can do it close to home

"Will it cost you
more or less to live
after you retire
than it does now?"

Will it cost you more or less to live after you retire than it does now? That's a Good Question. Most people think it will cost less, when, in most cases, it is the exact opposite. Remember, after you retire every day is Saturday. You will travel more, spend more on your kids and grandchildren, and do other things that cost money….I've worked my entire life. I started working at 10. Sixty-some years.

Thirty years ago I "almost" retired to a third-world country (Belize). I could have lived the life of that fisherman. But I didn't. I chose to continue working. Chasing the dream. But the dream became a nightmare. I'm still working. Not sleeping late, not fishing for a while, not enjoying the day, no siesta, no mariachis or steel bands at night.

Someday I will "retire."

Well, now I dedicate my life to teaching retirement strategies to baby boomers.

I teach them to develop Multiple Streams of Income. I teach the value of investing in third-world countries, both for future value, current income, and a place to retire to. I also teach LAND BANKING. This is where you invest in undeveloped or under-developed land in the path of progress and then wait for progress to over-take your land. Its pretty simple if you have a good crystal ball. Otherwise, you need "expert" advice to make the right investment.

Most baby boomers have no chance of actually retiring. Their retirement plan is to work until they die. It simply costs more to live than they have in possible retirement income. The maximum social security payment is about thirty thousand dollars per year…many of us need  more than that.

Memory Lane Spring

Residual income is the answer

That is income that isn't dependent on your activity. It just comes in every month. Like the royalties from an oil well or a hit song. It also includes the NOI from rental property, the interest from bonds and cds, and the production from a grove of fruit or nut trees.

Memory Lane Spring

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