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THE SAGE SPECTATOR, Issue #001 -- Dog Days of Summer
July 01, 2013


1. Dates We Remember

2. PONDERABLES from an Edgier Elder!

3. Readers’ Q & A 4. MEET a Sage Companion

5. VIDEO Smiles

6. PERSONHOOD ADVOCACY MODEL – State-of-the-Art Older Adult Advocacy Connection

7. Famous Quotes from Author of the Month

8. Funniest Joke

9. Become a Content Colleague

10. NO AGE LIMIT Personal (Hand-Selected) Product of the Month (Testimonials from Readers)


12. What’s HOT at the Shop?

Welcome Readers

1. Dates We Remember

Independence Day- commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 with a timely reminder from Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense, the pro-independence monograph pamphlet ( 1776)

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it….He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from opposition; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach himself.” ~Thomas Paine

2. PONDERABLES from an Edgier Elder!

Dr. Charles Schewe

" Every older generation firmly believes that the youth of the day just aren’t what they used to be…don’t have the right us. My parents, as did yours, worried that when push comes to shove, the young ‘uns of the day wouldn’t have the intestinal fortitude to pull it together to “save society [if needed], and today with the global village we live in, save the world…as perhaps should be expected from the number one nation in the world!!

Look what they did in the Great Depression and WWII. Well, here’s some things we do know about those youngsters today, the college juniors and seniors about to go out into the world…to be those saviors."

Turn on the Light in Charlie’s Closet – The Column

3. Readers’ Q& A

Question:: We have a dear old friend who might feel more comfortable visiting us if our home were more accessible. Do you have a few simple things we could do?

Answer:: Keep it simple. Make sure you remove any and all throw rugs bring in lots of natural light for starters. Then consider installing great-looking grab bars in your bathrooms. (see our pick at the sponsor link-

4. MEET a Sage Companion :: JAN GOLDFIELD, Ph.D.

Best-selling author, Jan Goldfield, AKA “POND LADY” started writing over 50 years ago and as her interests changed, her writing changed.

Before building ponds she ran a residential drug rehabilitation center and wrote government funded grant proposals. She was also a practicing psychologist.

"With a background like that, the only possible creative outlet was writing, " she quips in her column at The Sage Companion eMagazine- CURMUDGEON. Jan is an avid amateur photographer having started with a Brownie box camera and is now using a Canon SLR.

DIYers who want a pond in the garden can enjoy her photos and her best-selling book when visiting her pages. HINT: We think this book also is a valuable resource for the professional who needs more ways to solve pond problems.

FIND the PONDLADY and CURMUDGEON at the link to her main page where you will find connections to all her articles.

Many Ponds. One CURMUDGEON

5. VIDEO smiles

Ever wonder what “aging-in-place” at home actually looks like? Check out this video from The Silver Sage’s ((*:*)) own collection: Aging-in-Place Mini Video by Silver Sage

6. PERSONHOOD ADVOCACY MODEL: State-of-the-Art Older Adult Connection

MISSION -- WISE & Healthy Aging enhances the independence, dignity and quality of life of older adults through leadership, advocacy and innovative services. VISION -- WISE & Healthy Aging will be a nationally recognized trusted source and trusted voice on aging. Wise & Healthy Aging. org

7. Famous Quotes from Author of the Month


“As an agent in the United States Secret Service…I spent time at the White House protecting President Richard Nixon and former Vice President Hubert Humphrey and then I chased counterfeiters in Chicago for two years.”

“I led a 4,500 employee business unit through a transformational change process.”

Read more from this state-of-the-art elder! The Audacious Tom Heuerman

8. Funniest Joke – ((*:*))-

We put together an entire page of mighty fine and FUN STUFF. Actually, it is an ever-expanding colorful conglomeration. Of course, you do NOT have to be any particular age to enjoy FUN- especially if you happen to be one of the favored "Edgier Elders" in the photo here. We are always on the look out for kind-hearted humor for this page. We’d love to hear from you. Send us yours! At this link !

9. Become a Content Colleague

Do you have a great story or topic? Share it! The SAGE COMPANION also is always on the lookout for articles, article series, ideas, photo and information from professionals currently working in and/or supporting quality of life- regardless of age or physical ability.

We seek real stories from real people with a flavor of real possibility.

SAGE COMPANION is a Magazine about LIFE AS ART. We Interview the Visionaries, learn from the Stories, find Amenities for the journey, enjoy Fellow Travelers, and intend to figure it out along the way.

Special Focus: "Aging-in-Place Gets Creative" and Product Reviews, Trends in Age-Friendly Products.

If you have something to say about Positive Futures- here is the place to do it.


10. NO AGE LIMIT Personal Product of the Month (Testimonials from Readers)

TEVA SHOES!! For comfort and support. JaneAnne J writes, “I'm wearing Tevas. I bought them at the San Juan County Fair some years ago. They are life-savers after many marathons!”

Go to this link and scroll down to see our COMFY-COZY COLLECTION ((*:*)) Personal Product of the Month


Research shows that older adults who enjoy hobbies (like taking photos/videos of their favorite subjects) feel less lonely, more engaged and more able to cope with the challenges that do come along- regardless of age or physical ability. Here is a chance to share a photo and a story that can brighten the days for others- regardless of age or physical ability. Simply use the form here: FUN PHOTO CONTEST

12. What's Hot at the Shop?

You are going to love our little boutique. It is a collection of comfy-cozy and colorful possibility. You can find Sage Companion Authors’ books here…best sellers and special finds!

Hop on over and YES! Please do let us know what else you'd like to see here.

Again- we really do hand-select all items and use them!

Our Pick-of-the-Month is: (drumroll) HealthCraft INVISIA Grab bars- “FANTABULOUS GRAB BARS!”

What's Hot at the Shop

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Comments? Ideas? Feedback? We would love to hear from you. let us know what you think.

See you next month!

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